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Determining The Value Of 3D Printing

Determining the value of a 3D printer in your industry can drastically improve your profit margins and eliminate overhead costs, using ROI here’s how it can be calculated. *Warning, this blog post is extensive. To fully cover ROI we went into detail on equations and explanations.  It’s clear that any type of equipment in manufacturing technologies is an investment; resources like ROI can better justify the value of equipment, the cost of materials and the profit margin.  With 3D printing, you [...]


Tech Tips: 5 Essential Rules

Calibrate the print bed before every print. Wash off the print bed with pure, warm water and dry it clean with lint free towels. Always remember to use Elmer’s glue before printing. Know when to use the brim option or supports. Optimize your print angle. 1.Calibrate the print bed before every print From Markforged, this is the single most important factor in making a successful part with the Mark Two. Before every print, it is essential to balance the build plate against the printheads to guarantee [...]


Future of Manufacturing

Why Markforged? “Our vision for the future of manufacturing” – Greg Mark About Greg Mark The owner and founder of the Mark One (the first-generation carbon fiber 3D printer) and Markforged, spent years improving his knowledge and skills in engineering, MIT, prototyping, Motorsports racing technology and designing.  The further Greg Mark was exposed to the process of prototyping, he discovered how flawed and inefficient it really was.  The substantial inefficiencies that were ultimately deterring engineers from successfully creating advanced parts.  When working at [...]


Revolutionary Mark X

Introducing the revolutionized 3D printing technology, the Mark X. Engineered precision and accuracy with every print for unmatched dimensional stability and print quality. Mark X Features The build volume has been increased making it more ideal for robotics, automotive parts, functional prototypes and prosthetics. Increased resolution per layer height down to 50 microns. In-process inspection that scans your parts mid-print with laser displacement sensor on print head, provides a more accurate print. Scanning resolution down to 5 microns and measurement accuracy to 1 micron. Tolerance specification [...]


Demand for Photorealistic 3D Printers

Increased demand for Photorealistic 3D Printers Mcor Technologies’ photo-realistic full color 3D printing technology is completely non-toxic and user friendly.  These desktop printers are becoming very popular worldwide and for Mcor to keep up with these demands they’ve estimated a 30% growth internally. In this month, October 2016, they are releasing the ARKe with more enhanced features to be attractive to all industries.  These features include; cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, full-color, paper-based and more compact body style.  Designed to fit perfectly [...]