Monthly Archives - December 2016

Technically Fun

Did your kids drive you crazy this year?  You can’t get them coal, but what can you get them? The puzzle gift box. This challenging fun idea takes about 10-15 minutes to solve, is hollowed out to fit a small prize or money inside and is perfect for last minute gifts. Using thingiverse, we were successfully able to download the files and print these puzzle gift boxes in about a day. No shipping costs required, just download print and enjoy! With the Onyx material [...]


Engineering, Education and 3D Printing

Times are changing and education is evolving.  Students capabilities are increasing, not only are they faster learners but they have resources at their fingertips now.  With both our minds and technologies changing, it’s only right that educators are up to date with the most current equipment to guarantee future successes. In hardware and software technology is a proven resource to help students succeed in school. Consider for a moment, colleges and magnet schools, which primarily focus on a specific major/field [...]