3D Printing Yields 95% Cost Savings

3D printed robotics - saves time and money

3D Printing Yields 95% Cost Savings

Carbon fiber printed parts contain the properties to replace machined parts, decrease time to market and save money overall in designing and production.

3D printing industry has spent years developing software and hardware combinations to maximize solutions for businesses. The engineers at Markforged designed their 3D printers with the capabilities and properties for easy fabrication of tooling, fixture and manufacturing devices for efficient production workflow. Many manufacturers come across difficult and time consuming means of fabricating these essential jigs for production. By integrating Markforged 3D printers into manufacturing processes is proven to improve 95% cost savings and time to market.


“The mechanical engineer’s eternal problem is waiting for parts. With 3D printing, that whole cycle of design and wait goes from design and wait 6 weeks to design and wait a day.” – Markforged CEO, Greg Mark

Businesses are looking for value added, minimal hassle solutions to improve their product development and manufacturing processes – including decreasing raw materials and price. With Markforged’s latest product release the Metal X (most cost-effective 3D printer that uses a variety of metal materials to produce high quality, strong parts) there is more opportunities for businesses to find the right printer that will assist in overcoming manufacturing challenges.


There is a difficult challenge facing many machine shops, which is handling machine bandwidth. Whether they need to produce complex parts in house or have them outsourced – this takes up time especially on time sensitive projects. For companies that started using 3D printers, have learned the benefits to their machine shops and have been able to solve these types of problems.


Continuous fiber fabrication provides reliable high strength parts, fixtures, tooling and more manufacturing options to businesses’ production methods. The Markforged 3D printers that use CFF are Onyx Series, Mark Two and Mark X that contain properties able to handle heavy duty manufacturing applications.  Other plastic material is not capable of that manufacturing environment, they are too brittle for those types of applications.  Machinists can print a multitude of parts, at a fraction of the cost of machining and the outcome is all the same as if it was machined. The only difference is the cost is less with 3D printing, saves on materials and doesn’t take up as much time as if it was machined. It enables machinists to focus on critical projects, that gives them a better competitive advantage with 3D printing.

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