The Mark Two Event

The Mark Two Event

Join Us September 7th

11 AM to 3 PM

We are celebrating the Mark Two from Markforged with our special guest speaker Veronika Tyukova.

At our Newington location we will provide free lunch, giveaways and the demonstrations/tutorials will run at various times between the hours above.  All are welcome to join, please reserve your seat or contact us for more information.  Confirm your reservation by August 30th 

[email protected]1-860-666-8573

Markforged-mark two-3d printing

The Mark Two is designed to maximize product output, manufacturing processes, while decreasing costs and time to market. Industrial strength parts, prototypes, tools and fixtures for any application.

  • Print with; Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Nylon, Onyx, Fiberglass and High Strength High Temperature Fiberglass
  • Reinforce with Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Nylon, Fiberglass and HSHT Fiberglass
  • Seamless communication with Eiger Software for minimizing material waste
  • Pause / Resume features without errors and for embedding parts into the prints
  • Desktop 3D printer with industrial strength production qualities
  • No post processing necessary and works well with CNC machines

Come join our live demonstration; the Mark Two Event, to get the details about Markforged 3D printers and advanced technology that will reinvent manufacturing. 

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