Industry Trends

New Era of 3D Printing Metal Parts

Markforged’s revolutionary metal 3D printing technology unlocks a new way to manufacture parts, closing the gap between prototyping and production. CEO of Markforged 3D printers compares today’s metal printers to traditional mainframe computers from 1965. They’re large, expensive ($500K – 1 M) and slow at production. The design of these new era printers for metal parts is to minimize those overhead costs, additional fees and delays that affect time to market. Today’s Markforged printers will drastically shorten development time and [...]

3D printed robotics - saves time and money

3D Printing Yields 95% Cost Savings

Carbon fiber printed parts contain the properties to replace machined parts, decrease time to market and save money overall in designing and production. 3D printing industry has spent years developing software and hardware combinations to maximize solutions for businesses. The engineers at Markforged designed their 3D printers with the capabilities and properties for easy fabrication of tooling, fixture and manufacturing devices for efficient production workflow. Many manufacturers come across difficult and time consuming means of fabricating these essential jigs for production. By integrating [...]