Tech Tips

Decrease Print Time: Designing

The most common issue with Additive Manufacturing is the printing time compared to subtractive manufacturing (rapid machining).  While AM saves time in the long run (especially in situations where specialized prototyping or significant machining time are required), subtractive manufacturing has been known to be faster in some situations with proper resources.  There are several strategies that users can put in place to improve their print time without altering the print quality. In this post, we will go over what adds [...]


Innovative Designs and Parts: Fiber Clamp

For our first Innovative part, we chose the ‘Fiber Clamp’, designed by Tim Lagosh, one of our applications engineers. Markforged winds the fiber spools under tension and if care is not taken during installation the fiber can spring and create a birds nest.  Tension is held on the spool with tape during shipping but when dealing with partial spools, the stickiness of the tape can be less effective after several uses. Tim’s clamp, with it’s elliptical profile can flex [...]


Tech Tips: 5 Essential Rules

Calibrate the print bed before every print. Wash off the print bed with pure, warm water and dry it clean with lint free towels. Always remember to use Elmer’s glue before printing. Know when to use the brim option or supports. Optimize your print angle. 1.Calibrate the print bed before every print From Markforged, this is the single most important factor in making a successful part with the Mark Two. Before every print, it is essential to balance the build plate against the printheads to guarantee [...]


iPhone Charging Stand

3D Printed iPhone Charging Stand Printed as two separate parts, the iPhone charger part and the Apple watch part then super glue together. The charging cord gets wrapped through the bottom of the stand to prevent the cord from breaking, the charger end of it fits tightly into the slot allowing users to easily detach and reattach their phones.  The Apple watch charging magnet bed, fits snug into the hole to prevent it from falling off the stand. Once assembled, the [...]