CNC Machining and 3D Printing

CNC Machining and 3D Printing

How 3D Printing Can Optimize Your Business

CNC machines advanced technologies have streamlined processes producing parts quicker and more efficiently. Same goes for additive manufacturing, producing one-off parts with inexpensive materials to increase productivity.  Skilled machinists rely on CNC machines to create high-strength custom parts, fixtures and unmatched geometries. Think of the possibilities when combining the two technologies.

Additive manufacturing is designed to complement CNC Machining, not replace it.  Now with stronger, light-weight materials, the Markforged Mark Two 3D printer it runs by itself, allowing machinists to focus on other projects maximizing output and efficiency. 3D printers maintain the same level of precision and details down to each micron and as durable at half the cost.

With the Markforged, it was really easy to make a prototype based on the old manifold, and have it freshened up, the design cleaned up and optimized for weight, for performance for ease of manufacturing.

– Quality Manager at Turret Lathe Specialists Inc.

When producing custom end-use parts for a vastly approaching deadline, time is of the essence.  That is why many manufacturers and engineers have turned to 3D printing to complement their CNC machines.  Markforged is the first engineering desktop 3D printer capable of using carbon fiber, nylon and fiberglass filament to produce these industrial strength parts – and it is the only printer thus far with this capability.

Now, small businesses, individual machine shops and even leading industries are taking advantage of combining CNC machining and 3D printing technologies to optimize their outputs and get back to what really matters.


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