Customized Paddle Shifters

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Customized Paddle Shifters

Automotive mechanics and racing fanatics are continuously trying to find ways to leverage technology to develop parts in an efficient way that will save money and minimize time. As many car enthusiasts and road racers know, paddle shifters are located on directly behind the steering while for easy shifting on Dual Clutch Transmission cars.  For most cars, these paddle shifters are small and difficult for racers to use when concentrating on maneuvering around bends.

customizable, paddle shifter, 3d print technology, carbon fiber, onyx

Most common paddle shifter size. On Subaru Impreza, 2012.

For road racers, there are not many options for aftermarket paddle shifters; very few companies that actually produce customized longer paddle shifters. It’s possible for road racer mechanics to engineer their own products that are specific to their vehicles and that meet specific dimensions.  The possibility of using 3D printers to manufacture stiff, durable shifters that look beautiful with the car is a game changer.  Materials like PLA and ABS are great for simple, fast and low production products, but they don’t meet the standards because their properties are brittle, flimsy and the quality is low.  When racing, drivers need to rely on the aftermarket parts they put into their car, even paddle shifters.

Materials like carbon fiber and onyx on the Markforged 3D printers produce quality, dimensionally stable parts that not only meet the requirements racers look for, also are cost effective to produce.

Left: Onyx 3D printed shifter with aesthetic carbon wrap. Right: Onyx 3D printed shifter.

It’s easier for racers to engineer these parts without any background in 3D printing, how is that possible?  Markforged 3D printers and software are easy to work with, racers know the dimensions they need, the style, down to every last detail and can print within moments after designing.

After the first design, it becomes easier to customized based on different car models, make small changes, add carbon fiber wrap and produce many of these shifters.

This amazing story was brought to viewers by Markforged and Shift Koncepts. Hung Ngo was the concept innovator and using only the Mark One back in January 2016, he started his small business.  With no 3D printing / engineering background, he designed paddle shifter concepts for his car and then for others as business started to grow. He’s expanded his bandwidth with an Onyx One and loves the quality and reliability of the Onyx material because he can produce any number of different shifters fast and cost effective.

Check out Shift Koncepts and the full story here.

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