Future of Manufacturing

Future of Manufacturing

Why Markforged?

Our vision for the future of manufacturing” – Greg Mark

About Greg Mark

The owner and founder of the Mark One (the first-generation carbon fiber 3D printer) and Markforged, spent years improving his knowledge and skills in engineering, MIT, prototyping, Motorsports racing technology and designing.  The further Greg Mark was exposed to the process of prototyping, he discovered how flawed and inefficient it really was.  The substantial inefficiencies that were ultimately deterring engineers from successfully creating advanced parts.  When working at Aeromotion, he encountered many complications to designing and engineering that would account for all types of elements, such as weather, durable yet lightweight and heat resistant.  Greg Mark said if they wished to accomplish their designs and include all these variables, it would take an abundance of resources and steps.   To meet aggressive deadlines, it was not easy.

Greg-Mark-markforged-CEO-3D printing-future of manufacturing

“Empower engineers to create strong-as-metal, finished parts using the right materials for the job – and remove the multiple barriers between design and a final product.”


Greg Mark earned his knowledge from his production experiences.  He understands what is required every step of the way to deliver the final product to the customer.  He saw the frustrations, the delays and flaws in the production process and his goal was to improve that.

In 2013, he began Markforged in Cambridge, MA.  Greg Mark took his experience in the production industry and with the help of his team they built the Mark One.  Combining the patented concepts of CFF (continuous filament fibers), XYZ motion and FFF (fused filament fabrication) to create the first ever industrial strength carbon fiber 3D printer.  With the addition of the Mark One, the overall goal was to improve production processes.  They began accomplishing projects quicker, reducing time to market and decreasing material costs while still producing the same strong-as-metal finished parts. Designed to benefit the future of manufacturing and to provide printable materials to accommodate for all types of weather variables and complications.

There are infinite possibilities and Markforged has scratched the surface of what can be done with them. They have benefited industries in automotive, engineering, tooling and manufacturing and more. However, the ability to print prosthetics out of stronger composite materials would be beneficial and more cost effective. Even for undergrad programs using Markforged 3D printers would benefit when building robotics, formula one cars and challenging real-world engineering projects.

“We have pride in the fact that our 3D printer is awesome, but our real pride will come from the things that people do with the printer.”

Greg Mark spent time developing these printers with his team to not only create a one of a kind printer, but mostly to give engineers, manufacturers and custom machinists their time back.


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