Increase Capabilities

Increase Capabilities

Increase Possibilities with 3D Printing

Industries using 3D printing have experienced cost effective benefits, solutions and quality functional parts.

Ocean Alliance + Olin College of Engineering

By using 3D technologies, Ocean Alliance and Olin College of Engineering teamed up to create a lightweight, durable drone to observe whales and collect samples. However, of the various drones they built, none compared to the carbon fiber 3D printed technology. With the Mark Two they were able to print carbon fiber parts at $34.79 (material) in 19 hours, whereas at a machine shop, using aluminum, would have cost $661.08 and delivered in 3-5 days + shipping. The drone that was designed was able to endure faster landings, carry more and travel faster.

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Superstition Machine Works decrease turnaround time.

Rob Bradshaw an independent machinist used to spend weeks making upgrades to his machines, but with the Mark Two 3D printer, he was able to cut that time in half. The Markforged printer paid for itself in 9 parts and minimized his cut lead time from 3 months to 1 week.

He was able to find a simpler easier way to produce the parts he needed with the Markforged 3D printer. The cost was about $85 for materials and took only 54 hours to print, but to purchase from a machine shop would have been a little over $1,000 and 72 hours + shipping. Overall, Bradshaw saved time and money producing fixtures, mounts and parts himself.

For self-employed businesses that cannot afford the extra labor and shipping costs for standard machine parts. 3D printers helped increase capabilities and cut costs.

Autometrix Precision Cutting Solutions 

As an industry striving for fast, precision and efficient machinery, having the best equipment is a necessity and they are constantly seeking product development in hardware and mechanical systems to improve aspects of their business. Which is why they turned to faster prototyping with the Markforged 3D printers.

Using machined aluminum parts were costing the company far too much money and the material was never suitable for the tools they were prototyping.

    • Aluminum machine part: costs $629.20, time: 96 hours + shipping time
    • Markforged parts – cutter head plates: costs $45.50, time: 42 hours

The printer paid for itself in less than 10 prints and cut production time by 2/3rds.  Markforged 3D printers are designed for industries that rely on an array of materials that contain a variety of properties to fit with any business needs for all users.

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