Innovative Designs and Parts: Fiber Clamp

Innovative Designs and Parts: Fiber Clamp

For our first Innovative part, we chose the ‘Fiber Clamp’, designed by Tim Lagosh, one of our applications engineers. Markforged winds the fiber spools under tension and if care is not taken during installation the fiber can spring and create a birds nest.  Tension is held on the spool with tape during shipping but when dealing with partial spools, the stickiness of the tape can be less effective after several uses. Tim’s clamp, with it’s elliptical profile can flex to hold tension on full and partial spools for storage or to assist in loading material.

Before the clamp

Fiber Spool without clamp

Please note: It was very difficult to take pictures of these without the fiber completely unraveling on me. 

After the clamp

Fiber spool with clamp

Much easier with the clamp.

The design of the clamp is innovative to securely hold the fiber strands by having the appropriate dimensions of the fiber spool. Using the Onyx 3D printing material was a success because it has some type of give, but excellent fatigue resistance, meaning it will always stay strong enough for any number of fiber spools.

Having a clamp for your fiber spools makes it easier to transport and store rolls without unraveling. This simple design is very effective and that is why it was the most innovative part for this month.

If you are interested in getting your part featured on our pages, please send us an email.  We would be happy to learn what you have designed and what was most successful for your business.

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