Innovative Part: Ethernet Organizer

Innovative Part: Ethernet Organizer

Innovative Designs and Parts introduces the Ethernet Organizer.  This month, we have the part concept of Ethernet organizer from Geza Czako, the founder of Any IT Services. He works with small businesses, helping them design and maintains their servers, computers, and networks.

Network cabling can easily become a mess of cords.  A creative solution was originally made using a Makerbot to test print a few Ethernet wire organizers. After reviewing the finish it was determined that printing a bunch of them in Onyx (on the Markforged), yielded 10x the quality and strength.  This made them sturdy enough to allow the Ethernet cables to snap in place and hold well. Some fixtures can hold 2- 16 of 1/8” Ethernet cables.

DPC Innovative Designs and Parts - Ethernet Organizers
Without the ethernet cable organizers.
DPC 3D Printed Onyx Ethernet Cable Organizer
Makerbot 3D Printed Organizer (Orange) v. Markforged 3D Printed Organizer (Onyx - Black)
Ethernet Cable Organizers
Holds from 2 - 16 ethernet cables at 1/8".

This is what the server looked like after Geza used the Ethernet cable organizers. He was able to eliminate cables that were unnecessary, reorganize the cables to avoid tangles and group the cables for seamless changes going forward. It’s much less complicated to use these Ethernet cable organizers than twist ties or zip ties.

Ethernet Cable Organizers

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