Introducing Onyx the Penguin, DPC’s New Mascot

Introducing Onyx the Penguin, DPC’s New Mascot

We’ve had a busy year here at Design Products Company, as has the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) industries. In 2016, the AM industry grew nearly 26% over 2015, and analysts expect 2017 could grow even more. Markforged also had a huge year with its launch of two new carbon fiber-capable 3D printers, the X3 and X5 (both of which we carry in our Newington, CT showroom, by the way). And that’s not all.

Last month, Markforged closed a $30 million round of funding from the likes of Microsoft, Siemens, and Porsche. Yes, that Porsche. So in one fell swoop, Markforged got investments from a computer tech company, major industrial manufacturer, and one of the best known names in the automotive world. Not a bad way to start November.

With so much exciting stuff happening, we figured now is a good time to restart our blog and get a lot more active on social media. If you aren’t following us already, find us on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll be highlighting our clients, showcasing the latest products from our suppliers, sharing news from the 3D printing world, and having a bit of fun along the way.

That fun starts with our new social media mascot, Onyx the Penguin! We found him over on Thingiverse and fell in love with his goofy face at first sight. Onyx is  made from the same carbon fiber-reinforced Nylon he shares his name with, and was hatched on the Markforged X7 here in our showroom.  With the addition of “chopped” carbon fiber to engineering nylon, the resulting Onyx composite is 3.5X stiffer than standard nylon, according to Markforged. It can stand on its own, or be used to reinforce any number of other materials for even greater strength. Onyx is pretty strong for such a little guy!

This isn’t even his final form. Onyx will be undergoing a bit of a makeover to give him a little more, shall we say, definition. He did agree to let us share a timelapse video of his three-hour “hatching” on the X7, which you can watch above (if you haven’t already). There’s a bit of a learning curve with this stuff, but we’re getting a lot of practice with all the cool and creative projects coming through our door. That means you can look forward to more exciting footage in the near future.

Thanks for giving Onyx a warm welcome, and we hope you look forward to seeing more of him, and the rest of the DPC crew, in the future.

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