iPhone Charging Stand

iPhone Charging Stand

3D Printed iPhone Charging Stand

Printed as two separate parts, the iPhone charger part and the Apple watch part then super glue together. The charging cord gets wrapped through the bottom of the stand to prevent the cord from breaking, the charger end of it fits tightly into the slot allowing users to easily detach and reattach their phones.  The Apple watch charging magnet bed, fits snug into the hole to prevent it from falling off the stand.

Once assembled, the holes on the bottom of the iPhone part of the stand, amplify speaker sounds, making it about 10x louder than the iPhone speakers alone.

Printer: Mark Two

Material: Onyx

Cost: $19

With the new iPhone 7 coming out, it’s important to have new accessories for your home, at work or even at school.  Normal charging stands include the charging cable and can cost up to 80$.  This was 3D printed in Onyx using the Mark Two for about 19$ of materials.  Easy to print using Mark Two’s slicing software, Eiger, and prints in under 8 hours.

Other stands allow for easy charging access but do not necessarily lock in the phone as does this 3D printed design does.  From personal experience, purchasing a simple 6$ stand online, it does the job of charging and holding the phone, however has a tendency to bend the charging cord.  Over time, bending the charging cord leads to breaking.  By having a charging stand that protects the cord will save money in the long run.

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