New Automatic Rotation Features


New Automatic Rotation Features

What's New?

New features to Eiger cloud based software will improve the overall printing process for users. 

The cloud based Eiger software keeps getting better, to enhance part orientation with automatic rotation. This feature allows users to automatically or manually rotate the part while Eiger updates the Euler angles to accommodate for the rotation.

What is automatic rotation?

When you select automatic rotation you enable your part to lie flat against the print bed, so long as the geometry allows. Once the face has been selected, Eiger will compute the placement to lie flat against the print bed.

Without selecting a face to lie flat, this intelligent feature will detect if any of your part falls below the print bed and will accommodate through rotation to ensure the entire part is on the printbed.  The automatic rotation feature is excellent for making sure no errors are made that would render the part incomplete after printing.

Manual Rotation

This is still an option for those who want to manually place their part on a desired side.  Except now, it’s improved. Selecting the “manual rotation” option in the Parts Settings pane to experiment with different orientations of your part for best printing abilities without enabling Euler angles. It’s easy to rotate the part by clicking on an axis and dragging. There are ways to fine tune your parts orientation by entering the X-Y-Z values in the boxes.

Feature enhancements

These are common features found in other popular CAD programs, programmed to make printing seamless.  Try different orientations to minimize your print time and minimize support usage (that would use up material). Combining this new Eiger technology feature to other options like fiber placement and In-process laser inspection with the Mark X, gives users the advantage of saving time, money on material cost and usage as well as enhancing the 3D printing experience.


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