Onyx One 3D Printer Rental

Onyx One Rental Program

A cost-effective way for your business to discover 3D printer advantages without a substantial capital investment on equipment.

Discovery Channel’s Blue Collar Backers tested the strength of an Onyx 3D printed brake lever. They tried to dent the part, break it and failed. Onyx properties enables durable, dimensionally strong parts as strong and lightweight as aluminum. The Onyx One 3D printer was a game changer for the Blue Collar Backers.

Onyx Series - pro

Here is what we offer with the rental program: 

  • Onyx One 3D printer hardware
  • Front line support from application engineers and technicians
  • Software and hardware training
  • Parts and labor warranty for the duration of the rental program
  • Easy access to material refills

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Some of the most durable parts, prototypes, tooling, fixtures, jigs and soft jaws were printed with Onyx.  Whether the Onyx One is working alone or with CNC machines, its concept is to improve production and decrease time to market.  Designed for every engineer, manufacturer and designer to save money.

Onyx is one of the most superior materials Markforged has created and their concept behind their new 3D printer series is to really showcase Onyx.  It’s material properties are unlike any other 3D printer material. We want our customers to get as much out of these printers as possible, along with 3DaaS, we are giving our customers complete control and the chance to rent the Onyx One get the perfect fit for their business.

Onyx vs ABS