Onyx Series

Onyx Series

Introducing the Onyx Series

A Cost effective Solution for ALL Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Engineers

Addition to the Markforged Ecosystem, introducing the Onyx Series extruding chopped carbon fiber filament. Revolutionary material technology with properties unlike any other 3D printer material. Designed to handle tough manufacturing and engineering environments. High temperature resistance, dimensionally stable and exceptional surface finish quality. 

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The Onyx One

The Onyx One includes a single print head, meaning there is no option for users to reinforce the parts, making it a perfect inexpensive printer for entry level users. Printing in Onyx creates some of the highest quality unique parts to ever come off a 3D printer.  Compared to ABS and PLA, it’s 10x stiffer and reliable.  At a low-price point, the Onyx One provides quality end use, functional parts for students, engineers and industry professionals.

The Onyx Pro

The Onyx Pro is a slightly more expensive option for industry professionals that require continuous fiberglass filament reinforcement with their parts for unsurpassed strength.  Capable of printing even stronger end-use parts with a 2x faster print processor without compromising precision. Engineers and manufacturers that rely heavily on their strong, end-use, functional parts would find this printer to be an excellent asset in their business.

The Onyx Pro is complete with two print heads to add the continuous fibers of fiberglass for additional reinforcement and stronger parts.  To get access to other reinforcement materials, check out the Mark Two.


Markforged 3D printer series were designed to give the users the ‘best fit’ printer for their business with added benefit of upgrades giving the users the chance to experiment the 3D printers as well as the opportunity to advance in the technology.

Upgrades are done on-site and available for all Onyx Series and the Mark Two.  There is always access to the professional options Markforged offers.


Now even more reliable, the Eiger software has improved with cloud-based file management and slicer system for faster printing precision processing. Intuitive software is designed to work seamlessly with the Onyx Series printers to handle each print without interruption and completely hands-free.

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The Technology

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The technology keeps getting better with Markforged’s new 3D printer Onyx Series, they make it easy to determine the best 3D printer to improve capabilities, print stronger and save money.  The revolutionary Onyx material is one of the most popular printing materials for industrial strength parts, fixture and jigs, it exceeds customer’s expectation and now accessible to all users, from entry-level to industry professionals.

Markforged Ecosystem

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