Our Promotional Giveaway

Our Promotional Giveaway

Nothing annoys me more than a useless promotional giveaway. Why bother? We’ve all been to seminars, demonstrations, and product launches where you are given ‘something’ that will sit on your desk taking up space.  One day you realize that the product that was launched, when you were gifted with this exquisite little inconvenience, has long been discontinued, and finally, you throw the damned thing out.

Promotional giveaways can be as useful, yet mundane as a branded pen, notepad, or USB memory stick.  Sometimes as useless as a keyboard brush, hand sanitizer, or as strange as a branded nail grooming kit complete with miniature scissors and file. What’s next mouthwash and deodorant?

During our recent open house featuring the Markforged Mark Two, I wanted to provide something with a modicum of functionality, that would also demonstrate a number of the machines unique capabilities.

I chose to make a simple yet unique key chain screwdriver with a reversible bit and embedded neodymium magnet. Designing the part ourselves was an opportunity to be creative, while allowing us the control to include our branding (the “C” gear part of our logo).



We drew up the part in Onshape, including a cavity for the neodymium magnet that is overprinted after the build is paused and the magnet inserted.

The pause feature is one of the coolest things about the Mark Two and can be used to embed threaded hardware, pressure / load cells, RFID tags, etc.

After some testing with plain nylon, we printed a test piece to gauge the fit of the hex bit into the driver. Finally, we printed the parts using the Onyx filament to demonstrate the smooth finish, strength and durability of the filament.

The final product came out great, and we received numerous accolades. Attendees requested more parts to take back to their shop.

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