Our Services

Qualified application engineers, technicians and customer service representatives are here to help streamline processes and improve office efficiencies. With our provided services, Design Products Company provides exceptional response time, reliable products and experts on the latest technologies – ensuring future successes for all our customers.

  • Plotter Repair Services

    No matter what the problem is, we will find the solution. We service wide format printers. This does not include desktop printers. Our technicians are fully equipment and experienced with providing superior technical support.

    HP DesignJet Graphic Printers

    HP DesignJet Technical Printers

    Ricoh Wide Format Printers

  • Annual Service Contracts

    For the duration of your printer, we will prioritize your needs and minimize downtime sooner. At an agreed price, this is the best option for our heavy printer users. It does not cover problems from natural disasters, however we are still able to help and provide the appropriate support. Here is what we cover with annual contracts:

    Common user errors

    Machine depreciation

    Normal wear and tear


  • 3D Printing Services

    (3DaaS) Already have a design in mind? We can print it for you, whether your parts requires full color features, or properties like flexible, strength to weight, heat resistant or durable. Here are examples of what we work with:

    Full color, 360 degree true color

    Paper, glue and ink – sealed for additional strength

    End-use parts, prototypes, machining fixtures and manufacturing tools

    Print with carbon fiber, onyx, kevlar, nylon and more

  • 3D Design Services

    Avoid the complication of designing parts and let us handle it. We will collaborate with you on what you need designed, when it needs to be completed by and we will take care of the rest. Here is what we design for:

    CAD Modeling

    Engineering design & verification

    Import / export common files

    Product prototyping & development

Plotter Frequently Asked Questions

Check to see what size your PDF is that you are trying to print, this will be on the lower left hand corner of the PDF document. Once the PDF document is made, it is difficult to alter the size.

The source of the PDF would have to make the changes to the document and send it back for printing.

If the PDF is in the right size, make sure you are printing to the correct printer and your sizes match what you need prior to printing.