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It’s the same excellent customer support, technical services and reliable products – but with enhanced technologies to improve our customer’s processes and business needs. When technology evolves, so must we all. 

We continue to prioritize our customer’s needs, provide the optimal solutions based on knowledge and experience on our products and services. Our exceptional team of engineers and technician professionals work diligently to ensure the best solution possible that will maximize output, streamline office processes, save money and improve productivity.

Our mission: 

“We believe in experienced sales and engineer professionals for quality business solutions, reliable in-stock products and unsurpassed technical support. We are eager to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.”

Our rebrand is a transition into revolutionary technology that will only add value to our customer’s business. The website and logo are to represent this transition. We did not change the way we do business with our customers, in-fact we improved our expertise through intense levels of training for our engineers and technicians. Selecting the best candidates with backgrounds in technical support, exceptional customer service and engineering applications – we grew our team to best fit the industries of our customers. With these experts, we are able to develop the most precise and cost-saving analysis on our customers needs to provide the best solution.

DPC logo-Design Products Company - 3D printing - rebrand

Design Products Company rebrand is to bring the most advanced technology and knowledge for all our customers and industries. Improving processes and capabilities, cutting time to market and costs and providing faster productivity.

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