Revolutionary Mark X

Revolutionary Mark X

Introducing the revolutionized 3D printing technology, the Mark X. Engineered precision and accuracy with every print for unmatched dimensional stability and print quality.

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Mark x - 3D printing technology - in-process laser inspection - markforged

Mark X Features

  • The build volume has been increased making it more ideal for robotics, automotive parts, functional prototypes and prosthetics.
  • Increased resolution per layer height down to 50 microns.
  • In-process inspection that scans your parts mid-print with laser displacement sensor on print head, provides a more accurate print.
  • Scanning resolution down to 5 microns and measurement accuracy to 1 micron.
  • Tolerance specification in Eiger to assist with scanning precision during print.
  • Errors during the print will prompt a notification to either continue the print or cancel, saving on material and time.

Markforged took into consideration what customers needed and came up with the best solution, doubling their print area for a total print volume of 16,500 cc, the scanning and measurement capability ensures dimensional accuracy on critical tolerances.

“Combined with the reliability and quality of engineering that’s synonymous with Markforged 3D printers, the Mark X is the most powerful, innovative 3D printer on the market today.”

Their ultimate goal is to continuously improve the 3D printing technology for engineers, manufacturers and tooling industries. Working with laser hardware to ensure better 3D printed outcomes, eliminating the guesswork, improving measurability of in-process inspection and better software to acknowledge those critical tolerances.


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