Engineering, Education and 3D Printing

Times are changing and education is evolving.  Students capabilities are increasing, not only are they faster learners but they have resources at their fingertips now.  With both our minds and technologies changing, it’s only right that educators are up to date with the most current equipment to guarantee future successes. In hardware and software technology is a proven resource to help students succeed in school. Consider for a moment, colleges and magnet schools, which primarily focus on a specific major/field [...]


Streamline Machining

In just over two years, Markforged has expanded their 3D printers into the manufacturing environment, helping businesses increase capabilities, decrease time, save money and streamline machining processes.  In our most recent post, Determining the Value of 3D Printing, we broke down the concept of pricing comparison between 3D printing, CNC machining and injection molding to better exemplify the types of savings that can be achieved with 3D printing. One company that works with Markforged 3D printers, decided to test the abilities [...]


CNC Machining and 3D Printing

CNC machines advanced technologies have streamlined processes producing parts quicker and more efficiently. Same goes for additive manufacturing, producing one-off parts with inexpensive materials to increase productivity.  Skilled machinists rely on CNC machines to create high-strength custom parts, fixtures and unmatched geometries. Think of the possibilities when combining the two technologies. Additive manufacturing is designed to complement CNC Machining, not replace it.  Now with stronger, light-weight materials, the Markforged Mark Two 3D printer it runs by itself, allowing machinists to [...]