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Engineering, Education and 3D Printing

Times are changing and education is evolving.  Students capabilities are increasing, not only are they faster learners but they have resources at their fingertips now.  With both our minds and technologies changing, it’s only right that educators are up to date with the most current equipment to guarantee future successes. In hardware and software technology is a proven resource to help students succeed in school. Consider for a moment, colleges and magnet schools, which primarily focus on a specific major/field [...]


Demand for Photorealistic 3D Printers

Increased demand for Photorealistic 3D Printers Mcor Technologies’ photo-realistic full color 3D printing technology is completely non-toxic and user friendly.  These desktop printers are becoming very popular worldwide and for Mcor to keep up with these demands they’ve estimated a 30% growth internally. In this month, October 2016, they are releasing the ARKe with more enhanced features to be attractive to all industries.  These features include; cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, full-color, paper-based and more compact body style.  Designed to fit perfectly [...]