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Design Smarter for Stronger Prints

Recap from Markforged’s Eiger webinar For those who could not attend yesterday’s Eiger Techniques webinar, here a brief recap of what was discussed and how you can print smarter with Eiger. Eiger is the top cloud-based slicing software that just got even better. There are ways for users to maximize their output, save money and cut printing time.  The secret is to know when to add fiber reinforcement for your part, what different types of fiber placement with add the most [...]


Why 3D Printing is Suitable for Aerospace?

Aerospace, the leading industry in innovation and technology advancement, continuously looks for ways to manufacture quality engines, parts and propellers efficiently and cost effectively.  So long as Additive Manufacturing keeps up with these standards, the Aerospace industries can benefit greatly from it. Of course, like every industry, saving money and material is essential but without tampering with the quality and genuineness of the material. While traditional manufacturing methods are reliable and trustworthy, many 3D printing companies are making great strides [...]


Engineering, Education and 3D Printing

Times are changing and education is evolving.  Students capabilities are increasing, not only are they faster learners but they have resources at their fingertips now.  With both our minds and technologies changing, it’s only right that educators are up to date with the most current equipment to guarantee future successes. In hardware and software technology is a proven resource to help students succeed in school. Consider for a moment, colleges and magnet schools, which primarily focus on a specific major/field [...]


iPhone Charging Stand

3D Printed iPhone Charging Stand Printed as two separate parts, the iPhone charger part and the Apple watch part then super glue together. The charging cord gets wrapped through the bottom of the stand to prevent the cord from breaking, the charger end of it fits tightly into the slot allowing users to easily detach and reattach their phones.  The Apple watch charging magnet bed, fits snug into the hole to prevent it from falling off the stand. Once assembled, the [...]


Design Products Company Rebrands

We integrating new technologies, such as 3D printers and advanced 2D printers. Our business policy and customer services are not changing. We believe providing the best for our clients and have continued that for generations. We are now certified resellers and trainers. Since 39+ years of business supporting architects, engineers, designers, manufacturers and other industries we’ve learned how to keep up with our customers demands and the changes in technologies.  From graphing tools and utensils to wide format plotters and [...]