Technically Fun

Technically Fun

Did your kids drive you crazy this year?  You can’t get them coal, but what can you get them?

The puzzle gift box.

This challenging fun idea takes about 10-15 minutes to solve, is hollowed out to fit a small prize or money inside and is perfect for last minute gifts.

Using thingiverse, we were successfully able to download the files and print these puzzle gift boxes in about a day. No shipping costs required, just download print and enjoy!

With the Onyx material on the Markforged Enterprise, we achieved beautiful surface finishes that required NO after processing or sanding.

Prints in two separate parts, one is the shell with a small knob on the inside that slides perfectly through the maze.  The second part is the intricate indented maze.

The Markforged printed the intricate maze without any interruptions and because the Onyx material produces some of the best quality prints there’s no issues with the design.  The knob on the inside of the shell fits perfectly inside the grooves.

Another successful print done with the Markforged Enterprise and Onyx material to add a little technical fun to the holiday!

Markforged 3D printed puzzle box
3D printed puzzle

We had fun trying to solve the puzzle and hope others will to!

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