Tooling and Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Tooling and Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Solution for Tooling & Manufacturing

Using only strong filaments that allows the right amount of durability and flexibility, the Markforged is revolutionizing manufacturing and engineering industries. Even small business owners with quick turnaround jobs have found the 3D printer to be “a perfect solution”.

The first ever game changing 3D printer to print in carbon fiber filaments with reinforced strength of nylon making it 10x stronger than PLA or plastic 3D printed parts and more cost-effective than other machinable shop parts.

Markforged did an experiment on their newest material creation, onyx, to show the strength and it was remarkable what happened. Onyx is their most advanced material, it’s proven to be more capable in both overall quality and durability.

They 3D printed an onyx link and attached it to hooks then began applying
weight to it, after seconds they reached 22,000 lbs and the onyx link finally snapped. That’s more weight than what a Dodge Ram 550 can tow!

The ability to produce parts at this caliber of strength in-house, has the capacity to revolutionize industries such as manufacturing, tooling, engineering, bike shops and even hobbyists or machinists. Of those industries and hobbyists who have begun using the Markforged 3D printers have noticed; decreases in their production costs, easy fabrication of parts and design them uniquely when needed, as well as cut lead time.

As a hobbyist at Superstition Machine Works, Rob Bradshaw runs a shop out of his garage working on machine upgrades, making fixtures, mounts and specialized parts for vehicles. Upon noticing the demand for his parts, the price of machine shop parts was increasingly expensive and he needed to find a better solution.

 “…when demand for link mounts started to pick up again I set out to find a simpler and easier way to produce them. With my Mark One, I was able to print the raw material, which included 16 parts, and also the fixture to machine them” – Rob Bradshaw (Founder of Superstition Machine Works)

When time is mostly spent on making and designing unique parts for quick turnaround projects, there’s limited room for errors that could delay production and most industries know the cost of purchasing parts can be outrageous.

There needs to be a solution to efficiently improve production, cost and time to market without difficult designing software. However, the Markforged 3D printers are so user friendly, it doesn’t take years of experience or graphic design background to get off the ground running. In fact, the process is much simpler than expected. They designed the printer to be so user friendly, to be able to make adjustments while printing, to change out materials without interrupting the print and saves on waste.

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